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Extreme Obsessive Compulsive Roadtripping with Darla Kay is where I document my travels around the United States, talk about how I plan a trip, tell you things to remember, things to forget, and how to make your extreme road trip as painless and entertaining as possible.

What is Extreme Obsessive Compulsive Road Tripping?

Extreme United States Road Tripping means spending at least two weeks on the road, sleeping in a different location each night, and spanning multiple states. Ok, you can spend two nights in the same place if you really like it there, and sometimes we only take one week in years when we’re feeling extra tired. We take the Expedition these days, and we fill that baby up. I don’t know how we used to drive around the country in my little car. Extreme road tripping does not involve nice hotel rooms — unless you find that’s the only lodging available in the county and it’s midnight. If you’re forced to pay for a suite in Las Vegas because that’s all that’s available in the middle of the night, just enjoy it. Nothing in Cripple Creek but an antique hotel with a shared bathroom down the hall? Take it and savor the experience. Get to Death Valley and the only motel there is closed for the evening? Sleep in the car, pee behind a shed the next morning, and drive on in.

It’s about traveling to places I’ve never been before, visiting every state in the country (I’m getting close), finding a geocache in every state, seeing every famous U.S. landmark, visiting all the National Parks, discovering every tourist trap and bizarre roadside attraction along every highway and back road in the United States. 

Benjamin Pretending to Have a Good Time at the Cadillac Ranch

Benjamin Pretending to Have a Good Time at the Cadillac Ranch

So, what’s the obsessive compulsive part, you ask. Being OCD means pros and cons for extreme road tripping. One con — and it’s a big one — is the sheer panic I experience at the beginning of each trip. A couple of pros are my compulsive organizing skills and obsessive checklisting. I plan the road trips in a very obsessively compulsive way. And I enjoy it! And you can enjoy it too! Read my posts and see!

The road trips are also an escape from the OCD. When I’m hundreds of miles from home, living out of an SUV, and washing clothes in a motel sink, I lose much of my obsessive compulsive disorder. I think it’s good for me.

Sierras in Late Spring

Sierras in Late Spring

So that you can get your bearings here with me, I should let you know that my home base is in northwest Arkansas. We travel out from there. And “we” refers to my husband, Terry, the martyred road trip driver and our son, Benjamin, who has loved road trips since his first trip when he was two.

We go on a road trip once a year; we’ve been doing this since the 90s. I often start planning each year’s road trip during the road trip of the previous year. You know, it gets me to thinking about it. Planning a road trip is also what gets me through the cold, harsh winter. I hate winter. If you can become as involved in the planning of your road trip as I am, you too can escape all year long.

Benjamin Eyes the Seligman Women Suspiciously

Benjamin Eyes the Seligman Women Suspiciously

On an extreme road trip, today is never like yesterday or tomorrow.

All photos on this site were taken by and are copyrighted to DK Sanders-Weatherford.

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