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Roadtrip Plan Step Two Part One: Mapping

Death Valley, May 2005 by DK Sanders-Weatherford

ShareExtreme Roadtrip Planning Step One is basically figuring out which direction you’re going, what part of the country you’re going to. Step Two begins the mapping! Step Two is recalling all the places in that part of the country that you’ve wanted to see and pinning them on a map. The map….. always an issue …

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Moving Rocks in Coyote & Roadrunner Land: the Beginning of a New Roadtrip

Death Valley 2005

ShareRecent life stuff had me itching to plan a new road trip. So I am. Roadtrip 2020: the Southwest! Why the southwest? Because of the results of Roadtripping Step One….. Roadtripping Step One: What’s something I’ve been wanting to see for a while and still haven’t? Something that just never worked out. Of course the …

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The Time to Plan Is Now

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

ShareI have to interrupt last year’s epic tale because it’s winter now, and this is the time for planning a summer vacation! This is how it starts: where should we go next year? This time, Terry immediately says, Maine. Why Maine? Who knows. Something about lobsters. Last year, I chose Florida since we hadn’t been …

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A New Year, A New Trip Plan

Darla Kay and Baby Alligator

ShareHere it is, the beginning of a new road trip plan! The beginning is the most exciting part, before it devolves into fighting and broken dreams. It starts with a place, any sort of general place. Maybe there’s a place that sounds intriguing like the Outer Banks or maybe it’s a direction like Out West. …

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