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Roadtrip Plan Step Two Part Three: Playing Maps — The Salton Sea & Slab City

Salton Sea - Google Map

ShareI’m still saving the places I want to go on this next trip in Google Maps into the Want to Go list. Someday I’ll organize those Google Map lists. I’m also using Trello with its new map feature and browser button; I’m liking it so far. I’m at the most fun part in the trip …

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Roadtrip Plan Step Two Part Two: Mapping Slot Canyons and Other Places

Death Valley, May 2005 by DK Sanders-Weatherford

ShareI want to go back to Death Valley to see those moving rocks (Death Valley Back Country Roads map PDF), and I want to see some slot canyons. I’ve been seeing a lot of photos on Facebook lately of slot canyons. They’re totally cool looking. I so want to take pictures of slot canyons. I …

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