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Moving Rocks in Coyote & Roadrunner Land: the Beginning of a New Roadtrip

Death Valley 2005

ShareRecent life stuff had me itching to plan a new road trip. So I am. Roadtrip 2020: the Southwest! Why the southwest? Because of the results of Roadtripping Step One….. Roadtripping Step One: What’s something I’ve been wanting to see for a while and still haven’t? Something that just never worked out. Of course the …

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The Time to Plan Is Now

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

ShareI have to interrupt last year’s epic tale because it’s winter now, and this is the time for planning a summer vacation! This is how it starts: where should we go next year? This time, Terry immediately says, Maine. Why Maine? Who knows. Something about lobsters. Last year, I chose Florida since we hadn’t been …

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A New Year, A New Trip Plan

Darla Kay and Baby Alligator

ShareHere it is, the beginning of a new road trip plan! The beginning is the most exciting part, before it devolves into fighting and broken dreams. It starts with a place, any sort of general place. Maybe there’s a place that sounds intriguing like the Outer Banks or maybe it’s a direction like Out West. …

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