Glass Beach: A Gotta-See

I just stumbled upon an article about Glass Beach at Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast. I am adding it into the 2012 Vacation Plans since we are headed that way anyway. Broken glass from trash thrown in the ocean fifty years ago has been beaten by the ocean until it’s smooth and pretty. And the beach is apparently full of this stuff, or it used to be before everyone found out about it and started coming there and taking the glass home with them.

So, now I have to research Fort Bragg and see if there’s anything else we need to see while we’re there…

Another Travel Find Using

So I’m scrolling along the Google Map through the California Redwoods, and I see a cache, an easy regular (for the muggles, a regular is big enough to have stuff in it). There aren’t a lot of caches out in the Redwoods, so I had a look. It was called Turn Off to Jurassic Park, so I’m immediately interested since it might even vaguely involve dinosaurs. It turns out that the cache is in the location where they filmed some of Lost World, the second Jurassic Park movie. I checked it out at IMDB and confirmed that they did film part of the movie in the Redwoods and also Humboldt County. So, now we are going to try to route this cache into our 2012 Road Trip.

Using to Help Plan – Even If You Don’t Geocache

Geocaching is great fun, but even if for some bizarre reason, you don’t enjoy geocaching, you can still use the web site to help plan your road trip.

GeocachingFirst, you have to appreciate obsessive compulsive road trip planning. That means once you’ve found some area that you think you might like to visit (the Redwoods for example), and you’re thinking you might want to do some camping in the tall trees, and you’ve Googled “camping in the redwoods” and found some campgrounds, then what you need to do is to load up that area in Google Maps and go to satellite and scroll around, looking, for about an hour. An hour at at time.

As you’re scrolling around, you might run across something interesting, something odd looking, something that makes you go, what the hell is that? Can you Google that? “Weird barren area at end of dirt road in northerly Prairie Creek Redwood State Park? Well, maybe you can; I didn’t actually try. Instead, I hopped on over to and put Klamath, CA in the search. Sure enough, there was a cache within a few feet of the weird barren area, an Earthcache in fact called Fractured Coastline. Turns out there’s not only an incredible view from that spot, but it’s also a great place to look at the tectonic plates that are tearing California apart. Neat, huh? That weird barren area is now obviously a parking area so you can check out the view.

Musical Road

Something I really want to see — or I should say hear — is the musical road in Lancaster, California. It’s one of only four musical roads in the world. It has grooves cut in it that play the William Tell Overture (you know, the Lone Ranger song) when you drive down it. It’s called the Civic Musical Road, and it’s on Avenue G between 30th Street West and 40th Street West. Groovy!

View Musical Road in a larger map
If we make it down the Civic Musical Road, I will update this post.

Planning Vacation 2012: Where We Want to Go

Step One… Where in the U.S. do we want to visit? What do we want to see? What do we want to do? We’ve already decided on Out West (when will we ever get back to Florida?). We need to get in good visits with Aunt Toad up in northern California and Cousin Linda out in southern California. So, it’s time to make a list. We’ll just start with California since we know that’s our farthest destination.

I say “we” because Benjamin is helping me plan this trip. It will help him earn his Traveler’s Badge in Cub Scouts. Besides, I shouldn’t have to be the only one planning these things.

Places we need to go in California:

  • Crescent City, CA
    to see Aunt Toad
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Death Valley, CA

There is a buttload of dinosaur museums in Utah!

  • Dinosaur National Monument, Dinosaur
  • Eccles Dinosaur Park, Ogden
  • The Museum of Natural History, Weber State University, Ogden
  • Thanksgiving Point, Lehi
  • Brigham Young University Earth Science Museum, Provo
  • Fairview Museum of History and Art, Fairview
  • Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum, Vernal
  • The College of Eastern Utah (CEU) Prehistoric Museum, Price
  • The Museum of the San Rafael, Castle Dale
  • The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail, Moab
  • Sauropod Dinosaur Tracksite, Moab

I used the website for the dinosaur list.

And there’s other stuff like:

  • Arches National Park
  • Canyonlands National Park