Glass Beach: A Gotta-See

I just stumbled upon an article about Glass Beach at Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast. I am adding it into the 2012 Vacation Plans since we are headed that way anyway. Broken glass from trash thrown in the ocean fifty years ago has been beaten by the ocean until it’s smooth and pretty. And the beach is apparently full of this stuff, or it used to be before everyone found out about it and started coming there and taking the glass home with them.

So, now I have to research Fort Bragg and see if there’s anything else we need to see while we’re there…

Musical Road

Something I really want to see — or I should say hear — is the musical road in Lancaster, California. It’s one of only four musical roads in the world. It has grooves cut in it that play the William Tell Overture (you know, the Lone Ranger song) when you drive down it. It’s called the Civic Musical Road, and it’s on Avenue G between 30th Street West and 40th Street West. Groovy!

View Musical Road in a larger map
If we make it down the Civic Musical Road, I will update this post.