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I wasn’t actually planning a road trip for this summer. I didn’t feel I could leave my Kitty Cat who was 21 years old and had just had a stroke; I lost her this winter, though, and I guess planning a road trip might be a good distraction. I told Terry and Benjamin this (they didn’t realize I hadn’t been planning one) and asked where we should go. Terry said, North Carolina. Ok… We’ve been there a couple of times before — in 2006 and 2013. So the first things that popped into my head — wild Venus flytraps and wild horses!

Wild horse on the beach in North Carolina

Wild horse on a beach in North Carolina, August 16, 2006

We only found one wild horse or Banker pony (from Outer Banks), so I want to go back and find more. So, I have to figure out which island we were on. I remember a ferry; it was on an island, and when we got there, they told us to go one direction to find horses and the other to find massive amounts of seashells. I chose the horse direction, since that’s why I was there, but thought, what seashells? I want seashells, too. This time, we’ll need to go both directions.

Wild Venus Flytrap

Wild Venus Flytraps, July 21, 2013

Of course I can’t remember right where the Venus flytraps were either. We went one place, but they said they didn’t have them anymore because vandals and thieves had dug them up. We went to another place, a place with an admission fee, but they didn’t have them. Then we finally wound up somewhere around the Green Swamp on a trail with a boardwalk that went through the swamp where there were the largest, meanest, biting, blood-drinking creatures I’ve ever seen. And then there were Venus flytraps! So… gotta find that place again.

And then Terry got to thinking how I said I might go camping if it were on a beach, so he brought that up. So, I’m looking into that; the Cape Hatteras National Seashore on Okracoke and Hammocks Beach State Park on Bear Island look good. I think we might have to kayak over to Hammocks, and I’ve never been in a kayak, but it sounds kind of fun. I probably need to be in a kayak at least once in my life, right?

Then I remember that my last post on this blog was about the Mothman Museum, and it’s in North Carolina! Boom!

Terry also wants to go through Virginia and West Virginia. He wants to see them. So, I’m thinking, West Virginia… what’s there? I want to see the landmarks, the big cities, the famous stuff… but I don’t think West Virginia has any of that stuff. Maybe it does; I will have to do more research. But I thought, what does West Virginia have? What do I know about it? What is it known for? I think, rural, mountain villages… Then I think, I will Google the towns in West Virginia with the lowest populations! So I did. I’ve looked at the smallest two so far. They both look interesting. By “looked at”, I mean zoomed down with the Google Maps satellite view. The Google car had even driven through one of them (the bigger one).

I also figured there would be some of those historical farms in the area, so I started looking into those and remembered Land Between the Lakes. We were there years ago, but I remembered Terry enjoying it, so I put it on the map.

I’m also looking at waterfalls. And I’m thinking that we’re going too close to Washington DC not to drop by and see some of the museums that we’ve still never had time to go to.

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