Obsessive Compulsive Extreme Road Trip Planning: The Next Thing to Do

So you’ve chosen a destination (first step) that won’t really be your destination. Remember it’s just for distance.

Since I’m planning our next road trip to Florida, I’ll be using it as an example.

Go to Google Maps and route from where you are to your destination. Have a look at the time. Can you do it in the time you have? Ha! Just kidding! I don’t ever ask that question, and you shouldn’t either. I find that destination, and I figure out how to get us there in whatever time we have. It becomes a quest.

Remember Wally World!

I’m calling Key West our “destination” for this trip.

Greenland to Key West Google Map

Greenland to Key West, Google Mapped

Twenty-six hours! 1,578 miles! Can we do it in a week? Of course we can!

And now on to the places in between…..

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