Webelos Scout Traveler Badge

Webelos Traveler Badge

Webelos Traveler Badge

If you have a boy, and he is in the Webelos, planning and taking a road trip can get him the Webelos Traveler Badge. You have to do five of the requirements to get the badge.

Number three is using a map on the Internet to plan a trip. At some point in our planning of 2012’s road trip (near the end, I guess), we’ll do a Google Map of the trip plan. That will take care of number three.

Number four is taking the trip. Benjamin will make a scrapbook when we get back with photos and postcards and brochures and such and take that to scouts to show.

Number five is to find the cost for gas for the trip. At least, I guess that’s what it means. It says to find the “cost per mile” for the trip, like you find the total cost and divide it by the miles. Why would you do that? I guess we can though. We’ll be figuring mileage and the costs for everything anyway.

Number six says to draw the route on a highway map. I always include the Rand McNally Road Atlas in our trip planning. Benjamin uses a highlighter to mark the route, and he looks for the little red boxed points of interest. I can’t read the tiny print in the atlas anymore, so he has to do all of that now.

Number seven is packing for the trip. I’ve always packed for Benjamin on all the past road trips, but I guess it’s time to teach him how to roll his clothes and organize things well enough to be able to take pretty much everything he owns.

So, that’s five, and that’s enough for the Traveler Badge. Benjamin’s already done a couple of other ones, too, and I think I need… I mean, he needs to get that geography belt loop, too.

While you’re out there tripping around, keep in mind that most of the national and state parks have scout programs. But on an extreme road trip, it can be difficult to find the time to do these and the park ranger programs.

Traveler Badge Requirements

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