RoadTripping: Second Grand Opening!

Terry and Benjamin at the Edge of the Pacific

Terry and Benjamin at the Edge of the Pacific

I was kind of throwing this blog together over at Some of the older posts are pretty… dry. Some might not even make sense. I was using the blog to plan road trips, but they were really just for me. Now, I want to really do this. I love playing maps and planning road trips and looking at pictures from road trips… Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy these things more than the trips themselves. I bore my family to death with this stuff. They like the trips, and I think they appreciate my planning them. Benjamin, my nine-year-old, is helping me plan this year’s trip to help earn his Webelos Traveler’s Badge. So, I will tell you all about the planning of our next trip — out west — and give you some roadtripping travel tips that I’ve picked up in the last twenty years of driving (and some flying) around the United States. There are still some states I haven’t been to and several that I haven’t put on my geocaching map yet so I still have a lot of planning and traveling to do.

We used to include airplanes in our travels, but in recent years, what with all the regulations and searches and getting radiated so they can see through your underwear at the airport, it’s just not worth it. When I heard that I couldn’t take a bottle of water with me onto a plane anymore or my fingernail clippers, I knew that was the end for me. And it’s too bad. I actually love flying. I like to sit by the window and see the tiny people and tiny cars after take-off and before landing and the shadow of the airplane on the clouds. I do love that stuff. But, I have come to see that the road trip rules. And the obsessive compulsive behavior comes in here. Traveling is difficult for me. I imagine it is for a lot of OCD people. Traveling on a plane is even harder. Getting on an airplane and knowing that if I forgot something, the pilot will not turn around and go back for me makes me just about have a panic attack. I can’t haul as much of my stuff with me on a plane, and I have to worry about them losing what I do bring. And then there’s this: I know it’s not logical, but it comforts me to think, if I drove here and something happens, I can always walk home if I have to. You can’t walk home after you get off of a plane. That’s just the way my mind works.

So, I’ll tell you some stories from the road. I have many. Some are funny. I might throw in some stories where I cry. I always cry at least once on every trip. The stress just gets to me after a while. I’ll tell you the bad stories so you know what to look out for, and I’ll tell you the good stories so you know the best places to go. I’ll try to help you to not forget anything and tell you the best way to pack. Yeah, OK, that’s my way. So, join me here for a roadtripping good time!


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