Using to Help Plan – Even If You Don’t Geocache

Geocaching is great fun, but even if for some bizarre reason, you don’t enjoy geocaching, you can still use the web site to help plan your road trip.

GeocachingFirst, you have to appreciate obsessive compulsive road trip planning. That means once you’ve found some area that you think you might like to visit (the Redwoods for example), and you’re thinking you might want to do some camping in the tall trees, and you’ve Googled “camping in the redwoods” and found some campgrounds, then what you need to do is to load up that area in Google Maps and go to satellite and scroll around, looking, for about an hour. An hour at at time.

As you’re scrolling around, you might run across something interesting, something odd looking, something that makes you go, what the hell is that? Can you Google that? “Weird barren area at end of dirt road in northerly Prairie Creek Redwood State Park? Well, maybe you can; I didn’t actually try. Instead, I hopped on over to and put Klamath, CA in the search. Sure enough, there was a cache within a few feet of the weird barren area, an Earthcache in fact called Fractured Coastline. Turns out there’s not only an incredible view from that spot, but it’s also a great place to look at the tectonic plates that are tearing California apart. Neat, huh? That weird barren area is now obviously a parking area so you can check out the view.

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