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Another Travel Find Using Geocaching.com

ShareSo I’m scrolling along the Geocaching.com Google Map through the California Redwoods, and I see a cache, an easy regular (for the muggles, a regular is big enough to have stuff in it). There aren’t a lot of caches out in the Redwoods, so I had a look. It was called Turn Off to Jurassic …

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Using Geocaching.com to Help Plan – Even If You Don’t Geocache


ShareGeocaching is great fun, but even if for some bizarre reason, you don’t enjoy geocaching, you can still use the web site to help plan your road trip. First, you have to appreciate obsessive compulsive road trip planning. That means once you’ve found some area that you think you might like to visit (the Redwoods …

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Why I Like Motel 6

ShareWe driven around most of the United States almost every summer for the last 20 years. We’ve stayed in all kinds of motels and hotels. There was the antique hotel in Cripple Creek. There was the bedbuggy motel in Houston; we didn’t stay there. We got our money back on that one as soon as …

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