A Word About Fudge

Fudge does not melt. Do not be taken in by those places advertising fudge that won’t melt. They’ve added some kind of corn syrup or something like that to it. It won’t ever melt. Four thousand years from now, it will look the same. It becomes a whole other food. It’s not even really fudge anymore. Some sort of crispy, crunchy, Tootsie Roll mash. The texture is wrong. The taste is wrong. And fudge doesn’t melt anyway! I’ve left it out in the car for hours when it was over 100 degrees outside. It was still in the same shape as when I left it. It’s not like a Hershey bar or something. It’s fudge. It has its own ways. Respect the fudge. Also, the way you can tell if you are buying the best fudge from a candy store is if they give you a fudge knife. I have also gotten fudge spoons and other plastic fudge implements. If they do not give you a fudge implement, beware. It’s probably not the best.

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