That Time of Year!

Yep! It’s that time of year again! Time to start planning next year’s vacation. It’s cold and harsh outside, and I would like to be somewhere warm and fun right now, but with a kid in school, that’s just not possible. So, I don’t get to quench my thirst for travel in the winter months — if I did, I would be in Key West (where I still haven’t been) or maybe southern California, away from this continental climate — but the next best thing is thinking about it really hard. It’s one thing to go look at pictures of places you want to visit to cheer you up during the doldrums of winter, but it’s extra good knowing that you are going to visit the places you are looking at later in the year. OK, so this is sounding ridiculous. But it works. So! Benjamin and I are planning Weatherford Vacation 2012.

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