Road Tripping is Not for Everybody

What do you do when your friend starts backing out on her road trip that you’ve been helping to plan? Do you try to talk her into going? Do you imply that she’s just not road trip material, try to make her do just to prove she can? No, because road tripping isn’t for everyone. There can be a lot of stress and misery and pain on a road trip. There is often fighting and crying, too. It’s exhausting. There will undoubtedly be anger. You’re driving; no one can drive anywhere for very long without encountering some anger. The roads are filled with anger. And grief and anxiety and worry and fear. That’s the fun part, the excitement, the adventure. For me. But I can understand forgoing the adventure if that kind of excitement doesn’t suit you. I guess I can understand it as well as someone not realizing that the Cadillac Ranch is art.

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